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BATTERYcharge 906 – product details:

Smart battery charger and maintainer with multi-stage charging cycle
The OSRAM BatteryCharger 906 is a 6A smart charger and battery maintainer for 6V and 12V vehicles including most vehicles and vans. 7 stage charging cycle at the touch of a button for Lithium batteries, with only a 9-stage cycle of Lead Acid/AGM batteries. Includes a digital display to make the charging process easier and a host of safety features including reverse polarity and short-circuit protection. Be sure that the charger is maintaining your car battery as it automatically changes to long-term maintenance mode when the car battery has been fully charged.

This product is part of the OSRAM “Auto Care” series

  • Model: OEBCS906
  • Package: Box
  • Type: Battery care
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BATTERYcharge 906 with EAN code:4052899620537

BATTERYcharge 906 with EAN code :4052899620537 is part of ОSRAM Auto care series Thanks to the latest production technologies and scientific achievements, the OSRAM teams were able to develop BATTERYcharge 906, so as to cover even the highest requirements of their customers. Additionally, BATTERYcharge 906 has many times more service life than standard products of the same class.

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