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Powerful LED working lights for off-road use
People who regularly drive in difficult terrain know the benefits of a strong and reliable LED high-beam headlight.
Near field illumination is an ideal choice for off-road use. With an illuminance of one lux, the LED working light reaches a light distance of up to 55 meters. The beam angle of the lamp is 43.5 degrees.
The working headlight for cars gives drivers two possible LED light functions. One is the classic working light and the other is the LED working spotlight that provides stylish X shape light.
And the spotlight is compelling beyond its function as a LED working light. The LED headlights work to underscore the off-road style of the vehicle, clearly emphasizing and enhancing it once again.

Compact, robust and durable
Particularly when driving in off-road conditions, durability and quality are much sought-after attributes. The LEDriving Cube MX85-WD working lights have a robust polycarbonate lens and can stand up to the most difficult demands of off-road applications.
Over and under voltage protection up to 18 volts automatically breaks the circuit when power exceeds the predetermined current for a specified amount of time.
To maintain their durability, the powerful searchlights are additionally equipped with an integrated driver and thermal management system. This eliminates the risk of overheating during continuous use.

Excellent compatibility
The LEDriving Cube MX85-WD working lights have a diverse range of applications. They are suitable for use in everything from 4×4 cars to off-road, utility and industrial vehicles through to recreational or agricultural vehicles.
It is important to note, however, that these powerful working lights for automobiles are permitted only for off-road applications and must not be used on public roads.

This product is part of the OSRAM “Auto Care” series

  • Volts: 12V
  • Model: LEDDL101-WD
  • Package: Box
  • Type: Working Lights
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Cube MX85-WD with EAN code:4052899595279

Cube MX85-WD with EAN code :4052899595279 is part of ОSRAM Auto care series Thanks to the latest production technologies and scientific achievements, the OSRAM teams were able to develop Cube MX85-WD, so as to cover even the highest requirements of their customers. Additionally, Cube MX85-WD has many times more service life than standard products of the same class.

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