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Combination of a durability with compelling light output
Off-road is fun. But what makes driving off-road even more fun is having a powerful LED high beam to light the way in the darkness. The LEDriving Lightbar MX140-WD is a powerful LED bar for cars with 2000 lumen that is only permitted for off-road use.
Reliable illumination of the terrain is particularly important at shorter distances. The light beam from the LED working light reaches 60 meters with a beam angle of 45 degrees for near field illumination.
Equipped with three high-performance LEDs, the LED high beam not only provides enough light in the dark, it also offers two LED light functions. It can be used as a reliable working light and even as a stylish accent light.
The intelligent reflector design of the LED working light provides very high optical efficiency with even light distribution and reduced glare.

Ruggedness and durability
Off-road fun demands quite a bit from the material used. In order to withstand even the harshest off-road conditions, the LEDriving Lightbar MX140-WD features a hard-wearing polycarbonate lens.
The light’s integrated driver and thermal management system ensures a longer lifespan by making it simple to start up and protecting the LEDs from overheating. Over and under voltage protection automatically breaks the circuit when power exceeds the predetermined current for a specified amount of time.
Its ruggedness and durability aren’t the only features that give the working light its appeal: The powerful search light also enhances the off-road style of the vehicle.

Wide range of applications
The LED working light is compatible with many 12 and 24V vehicles, which gives it a wide range of applications. The LEDriving Lightbar MX140-WD can be mounted on 4×4 and off-road vehicles as well as utility, agricultural and construction vehicles.

This product is part of the OSRAM “Auto Care” series

  • Volts: 12/24V
  • Model: LEDDL102-WD
  • Package: Box
  • Type: Working Lights
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Lightbar MX140-WD with EAN code:4052899595316

Lightbar MX140-WD with EAN code :4052899595316 is part of ОSRAM Auto care series Thanks to the latest production technologies and scientific achievements, the OSRAM teams were able to develop Lightbar MX140-WD, so as to cover even the highest requirements of their customers. Additionally, Lightbar MX140-WD has many times more service life than standard products of the same class.

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